Honda Mid-range

The compact design of Honda’s mid-range outboards incorporate a range of Honda exclusive technologies including; Programmed Fuel Injection, BLAST and Lean Burn Control to deliver best-in-class performance on all levels.



Traditional motor designs use a fixed air-fuel mixture that does ok at low and high speeds, but not in the mid-range.

Honda added an Oxygen Sensor, which monitors the air/fuel ratio and automatically adjusts it as needed. At cruising speed, Honda engines run on up to 20% less fuel than other comparably sized outboards.

The result? More power when you need it, and greater fuel economy.

Boosted Low Speed Torque, or BLAST, uses Honda’s patented spark advance system to propel the boat to plane in just seconds.

When you move the throttle quickly, BLAST is activated:

  • The throttle body opens up
  • The air-fuel ratio goes to a richer setting
  • The ignition timing advances aggressively

This allows the engine to make more torque, or power.

“Hole Shot” is vastly improved, as more horsepower gets the hull up on plane quicker.