QL Accessories

QL – Quality Line – Marine accessories by Volvo Penta, is a complete series of marine accessories.

Each product is carefully selected and tested to meet the exacting demands you place on marine equipment.

QL products are high quality accessories for your vessel that makes life onboard as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible.

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EVC Accessories

EVC – Electronic Vessel Control – is Volvo Penta’s common electronic platform.

Based on the same CAN-bus technology used in ships, planes and cars, EVC gives total integration.

Dynamic Positioning System




EVC Controls and Instruments




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Engine Accessories

Lubrication System




Fuel System




Exhaust System




Cooling System




Control System




Electrical System








Transmission System




Power Take-Off




Steering System




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- Single Propeller- SP / Single propeller - SX / Propeller for S drive / Duoprop Propellers / IPS propellers/ Folding Propeller

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