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Engine Control

Greater Fuel Saving:  Our Lean Burn Control Technology delivers a leaner mixture of fuel to the engine by predicting fuel needs according to operating conditions. This system is optimised to deliver its benefits over a wide operating range, providing greater fuel savings from low speeds up into the cruising range.

Fuel efficiency is becoming increasingly important to boaters, which is why we’ve created our own Lean Burn Control Technology to maximise the engine efficiency. The Lean Burn technology is now available across the range of A Series engines.

See The Facts: *Fuel saving percentages across our entire range of 'A' and 'TG' series engines - DF25/30A = 16%, DF40A/50A = 42%, DF60A = 45%, DF70A/90A/100A/115A/140A = 14%, DF150TG = 15%, DF17FTG = 16%, DF200A = 19%, DF250A/300A = 14%

*Fuel saving percentages are comparative to previous Suzuki DF engines of the same hp.


Suzuki Outboards



Greater Ease of Use, Compact with Excellent Acceleration and More Economical Operation

World First: The new compact and lightweight DF15A/20A outboards are also the first in their class to feature a battery-less electronic fuel injection system.
Power to go: Single cylinder 4-stroke OHV engine with large displacement for excellent power output and great portability
Multi-function tiller handle: This 4-Stroke provides greater operating convenience through its innovative multi-function design tiller handle (DF9.9A/DF8A)

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Suzuki Outboards Portables 



After Starting the 4-Stroke Revolution Suzuki has reinvented this category

Offset Driveshaft: Suzuki pioneered the use of the offset driveshaft with the original DF90 in 2002 and continues to deliver improved performance, balance and a better ride.
Superior Fuel Saving: Patented LEAN BURN technology provides improvements in fuel economy – 32 bit computer for precise control and engine management.
Advanced Performance: These mid-range ‘A’ series engines come packed with advanced features and utilise a double overhead (DOHC).

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Suzuki Outboards Midrange 



High Performance

Packed with Proven Technologies, Outstanding Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Compact High Performance: Suzuki V6 marine engines are the most compact in their class and with offset driveshaft for better balance.
World First Innovation: Suzuki engineers have incorporated several new features including selective rotation (DF250AP / DF300AP)
Advanced Performance: New hydrodynamic gear case design has reduced drag by up to 36% from the previous model for faster acceleration and top end (DF250AP/DF300AP)

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Suzuki Outboards High Performance