Care for the environment is one of Volvo Penta's core values. Advanced technology and a number of unique Volvo Penta features work together to achieve low fuel consumption for low overall emissions, this gives you the best in low-emissions boating combined with top-class comfort and performance.

Volvo Penta Diesel Inboard

The Volvo Penta diesel inboard range are clean and quiet with powerful acceleration, comfortable cruising speed and a great range get you quickly where you want to go in splendid comfort.










Download the Volvo Penta  Diesel Inboard Range Online Specifications

Volvo Penta IPS

Volvo Penta IPS - inboard performance system - offers dramatically increased efficiency compared to inboard shafts with up to:        

  • 35% better efficiency
  • 20% higher top speed
  • 15% faster acceleration
  • 30% reduced fuel consumption/ emissions
  • 50% lower perceived sound level
  • Car-like handling and maneuvering
  • Joystick option for easy docking








   Download the Volvo Penta IPS Online Specifications

Volvo Penta Diesel Aquamatic

The Volvo Penta Diesel Aquamatic is developed, manufactured and serviced by Volvo Penta which is the key to the undisputed leadership within the diesel sterndrive range. Built with state-of-the-art technology and perfectly matched from controls to engine, drive and propellers the engines deliver performance and onboard comfort on a new level.

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 Volvo Penta Sailboat

Volvo Penta diesels and complete drive systems are the perfect power choice for sailing yachts.









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Volvo Penta Gasoline Aquamatic

Gasoline-powered engines are delivered mainly in sterndrive versions, but in certain markets inboard gasoline engines are also available. Volvo Penta's gasoline-powered engines are perfectly matched to their SX single-prop or DPS Duoprop drives for better overall performance.







 Download the Volvo Penta Gasoline Aquamatic Range Online Specifications