Fuel Treatment


    Fuel Treatment Units

These patented DE-BUG fuel treatment units, are manufactured in New Zealand to exacting standards using high quality, marine grade materials. 

The physical effects of microbiological contamination (diesel bug) are the formation of sludges, biofilms (slimes) and surface or interfacial scums. These occur in the fuel tank and also manifest themselves as material which block filters. Fuel that is infected with bacteria is not reliable and there are many and varied consequences of using contaminated fuel, including reduced filter life, increased engine wear and higher fuel consumption. 

How De-Bug Works : It takes more than a magnet to make a De-Bug. Only genuine De-Bug units have the exclusive TRI-MAG™ and MULTI-MAG™ Bug Killer Packs.

Technology using magnetic flux fields to combat microorganisms and their associated problems in aqueous fluids has been developed in New Zealand. The theory that magnetic flux fields inhibit microorganism growth and survival has long been noticed and has now been proven. 



The L-140 is used by small generators and smaller sailboat engines

Fuel types: Diesel fuel, marine diesel, light oils and gas oil
Engine ratings: Usually up to 100 - 125 + - hp
Recommended Flow rate: Up to 140 litres/hour.


The L-500 is used by 6 cylinder generators, such as on sports fishing yachts and launches

Fuel types: Diesel fuel, marine diesel, light oils and gas oil
Engine ratings: 100 hp to 380 + - hp
Recommended Flow rate: Up to 500 litres/hour

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  Biocide BC-250

Biocide BC-250 is the only diesel fuel treatment that you'll need. It cleans your injectors, injection pumps and fuel system.

BC-250 kills fungal and bacterial contaminations and helps separate water from your fuel.

It is safe and easy to use, and will give you better fuel efficiency, stop premature filter blockages and protection against breakdowns of injectors and pumps.

BC-250 is perfect for diesel cars, 4x4s, light commercials, trucks and bus fleets, farm equipment, boats, plant and machinery.

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