Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling System

Ultrasonic Antifouling System

For hundreds of years mariners have been plagued with the same old problem of marine growth on the hull, power train and steerage gear of their yachts. With this comes the problems of:

  • Reduced Speed, due to extra dragIncreased fuel consumption, estimated at as much as 20%
  • Propeller cavitation (which in turn causes extensive damage to propellers)
  • Expensive annual haul outs and repainting costs.


Although the concept of using ultrasonic for keeping your boat hull clean is a relatively new application, the concept of ultrasonic cleaning is not new, it has been around for over 30 years, used for a wide variety of applications, from cleaning of dental and medical equipment, fine jewellery, through to de-gunging drains and automotive parts to name but a few, also, in a subject closer to sailors hearts, Ultrasonic's is also used for keeping pipes clean in many breweries and hostelries around the world.

The alternative to antifouling paint


The NRG Marine Hull protection system for boats utilises the latest digital electronics and Ultrasonics transducer technology by producing multiple burst of ultra sonic energy simultaneously in a multiple range of frequencies. This energy produces a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure.

The alternating pattern creates microscopic bubbles during periods of negative presssure and implodes them during periods of positive pressure in a phenomenon known as 'cavitation'. The implosion creates a micro-jet action that not only provides the cleaning effect on the hulls surface below the water line, it also resonates and destroys single cell organisms such as algae.  the removal of the initial link in the food chain inhibits the growth of barnacles and other marine life that feed on the algae.


Sonihull Mono

Ultrasonic generator system
Single transducer suitable for both sailing and motor.

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Sonihull Duo

Dual output ultrasonic generator system with two transducers, suitable for motor and sailing yachts.

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Sonihull Antifouling for Catamarans

For catamarans over 40 feet,up to 65 feet we recommend using 2x NRG SoniHull - Duo - one system for each pontoon.

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