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Electrolysis Protection

Marine Protection Systems is a manufacturer and representative of products and systems that protect vessels and infrastructure in a marine environment.

They know that the subject of cathodic protection is considered complex and confusing by many boat owners. Click on this link for educational information to help you understand corrosion and protection from corrosion and help you select the right combination of solutions for best results.

MPS Electrolysis Blocker - Galvanic Isolator

The MPS Electrolysis Blocker is an approved galvanic isolator.

Its unique performance and features are tested to the highest international marine standards.
A galvanic isolator is designed to block corrosion causing current that travels between vessels at a marina using a common shore power connection. The Electrolysis Blocker has failsafe construction that offers no ongoing maintenance or monitoring.

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Electrolysis Blocker

MPS Shaft Grounding Strap

The shaft grounding strap electrically connects a vessels drive shafts to the Vessel Bonding System and further reduces the incidence of galvanic corrosion on expensive metal drive parts.

A vessel bonding system connects each of the submerged metal parts allowing their individual electrochemical potential to be grounded via the circuit. The Shaft Grounding Strap is installed to provide an efficient connection between shafts and the bonding circuit.

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Shaft Grounding Strap

MPS Maddox Anodes

Maddox Anodes effectively protect bronze and stainless steel parts on fibreglass and wooden vessels by creating a more neutral environment in the water around the metal to be protected. Often boaters are unaware of the problems associated through overprotection caused by excessive use of zinc anodes.

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Maddox Anodes