Corrosion & Fouling

About Corrosion

Metals have different electrochemical potentials when in contact with one another and form Galvanic cells. The metal with a lower potential in the galvanic cell will be anodic and will corrode. The same effect can occur in areas of different electrochemical potential in a single piece of metal such as a steel plate. Any craft moored and operating in fresh, salt or brackish water is at risk from corrosion and the effects can be costly.


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About Fouling

A clean hull can save you about 30% of fuel Bills, It is common knowledge that fouling on the boat's hull, will lead to increased resistance, which basically means you are going to burn more fuel for every knot you make.

Marine fouling organisms, such as crustaceans (barnacles, Conchodermae), mollusks (boring worms and boring clams), annelids (tubeworms, Serpulidae), tunicates, 15 algae, coelenterates, acorn shells (Balonidae), goose mussels (Lepodoids), and moss (Hydroidae) grow and accumulate on surfaces in an underwater environment.








Pacific Coast Marine stock and recommend these quality products for the control and prevention of corrosion and fouling:

- Martyr Anodes
- MPS Electrolysis Blocker – Galvanic Isolator
- MPS Maddox Anodes
- MPS Shaft Grounding Strap
- Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling System


  • Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling System
    Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling System

    For hundreds of years mariners have been plagued with the same old problem of marine growth on the hull, power train and steerage gear of their yachts.

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  • Martyr Anodes

    Martyr™ Anodes provide low cost cathodic protection of ocean-going vessels, structures and equipment constructed of iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, and other metals. It is the only manufacturer that offers all 3 alloys for all water environments for pleasurecraft and commercial.

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  • Marine Protection Systems - MPS
    Marine Protection Systems - MPS

    Marine Protection Systems is a manufacturer and representative of products and systems that protect vessels and infrastructure in a marine environment.

    Products include the MPS Electrolysis Blocker - Galvnic Isolator, the MPS Shaft Grounding Strap and MPS Maddox Anodes,

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